RISE GHI's Model

RISE GHI works with governments, industry leaders, and community partners to address global health inequities by delivering market-based solutions to create economic opportunities and enable the local communities to be drivers of their health and wellness.

RISE GHI's model is driven by four key components.


Entrepreneurship drives innovation and leads to new solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. RISE GHI believes within everyone is a creative problem solver and works to facilitate the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit.


Independence is the end goal of all of RISE GHI’s commitments within the communities we serve. For each region we operate in, we work to set a solid framework and provide the community with the knowledge and tools to independently run and sustain these infrastructures.

Community Based

Community involvement is crucial to the success of all RISE GHI activities. We work at the community level to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by local community members and work with them to develop optimal solutions to their problems.


“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” best summarizes our approach to partnerships. We work with governments, industry leaders and community partners to effectively utilize information and resources, leading to better and more cost-effective outcomes.