We take a decision.

We believe that in order to deliver high impact, market based social solutions that can be scaled and achieve global impact, three key criteria must be met.  Ideas must CREATE SHARED VALUE, they must PROMOTE INTERSECTORAL PARTNERSHIP, and lastly they must INTEGRATE INNOVATIONS

Our Approach

Create Shared Value

A strategy in which addressing pressing social issues can help organizations gain a measurable business advantage while adding value to the communities we serve.


Promote Intersectoral Partnerships

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” best summarizes ISPs.  ISP’s improves the efficiency and effectiveness of program outcomes by promoting collaborations in three organizational based sectors: government, businesses and civil society. These collaborations helps prevent duplication of efforts and activities, while stimulating innovation and bringing to light creative ideas towards sustainable solutions.


Integrate Innovations 

Although scientific and technological innovations, social innovations, and business innovations all have significant value individually, aligning these three key approaches can have profound synergy that enables solutions to scale and create a greater global impact.