What does RISE GHI do?

As an international health organization our work focuses on improving health equity for individuals around the world. We work to increase equity in health access, health financing and opportunities for healthy living.

Our solutions include creating high impact health delivery models that allows patients to be drivers of their own health and wellness, management and analysis of health information to improve healthcare practices, and providing services that ensure clients have the tools, products and information needed to deliver care to their patients.


What countries does RISE GHI operate in?

RGHI is based in San Diego, California in the United States, but most of our current work is in Nigeria, a country in West Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean. As our current community partners become more independent, we plan to expand and consolidate our community health network beyond Nigeria.

Does RISE GHI have employment or internship opportunities?

Yes, RGHI have wonderful opportunities for students and individuals interested in global health to get involved. Our employment and internship program spans across a number of healthcare and non-healthcare expertise. To inquire about opportunities or availability please contact Chrismarie Sanchez, HR and Finance Associate, at Chris.Sanchez@riseghi.org.

Is RISE GHI a faith based organization?

No, we are not affiliated with any religious denomination. However, we are interested working with any groups with a mutual interest in promoting community health services.

 Is RISE GHI an event-based organization?

No, we are not an event-based organization. As part of our community centered health care model we design and implement direct community healthcare activities geared towards screening high-risk patients and empowering the community with tools to become champions of their own health and wellness. However these community events are not a substitute for seeking comprehensive care. We believe health and wellness is not a short-term project but a life long commitment.

Does RISE GHI own RISE Clinic Nigeria?

No, RCN is a stand-alone healthcare institution in Nigeria jointly managed by the RISE-GOPAT Healthcare Foundation duly registered with the federal government of Nigeria. RISE-GOPAT foundation is an international partnership between RISE Global Health Initiative, in the U.S. and the Godwin and Patricia Okeke Foundation in Nigeria.