Nigerian Epilepsy Care Advancement Program (NECAP)

GOAL: Establishing epilepsy clinics across Nigeria, providing patient and community support systems, and creating a network of local and international specialists for consultation and training

This pioneer epilepsy clinic provides care for 240 true epilepsy patients clinically assessed and currently enrolled into the NECAP for 1 year of free medical care which includes consultation by consultant neurologists and neurosurgeons, educational and social support as well as appropriate anti-epileptic drugs. The clinic provides a new dawn for these patients who have previously suffered due to unreliable diagnostic tools, lack of proper medication therapy management and stigma associated with the disease.

A seizure free life will enable patients to gain the confidence and ability to rejoin society. Adults will be able to find new employment and contribute to their care, children can reenroll in school and continue to develop among their peers, and EVERYONE can lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

A documentary short film addressing how epilepsy patients are associated with the super natural. Come experience the story of a small group of UCSD alumni, who since graduating, have have facilitated the work of dozens of volunteers, provided training to over 200 indigenous health care professionals and treatment for over 1000 patients.