We RISE to a challenge to lift others.

RISE Global Health Initiative (RISE GHI) is a 501(c)(30), non-profit organization based out of San Diego, California, committed to promoting equity in healthcare by establishing independent community level health systems around the globe. 


RISE GHI Background

Founded in 2011, RISE GHI is a health and community development organization which combines private sector leadership and commitment from the public sector. Our focus is developing scalable solutions to improve access to healthcare, healthcare funding and supply chain management for the global market. We rely on our global alliances with foundations, non-profit organizations, government entities, businesses, and higher academic institutions to create lasting solutions for healthcare delivery and management. 


RISE GHI Approach

RISE GHI Program Output

What We've Achieved

  • RISE Clinic, Nigera, Africa
  • RISE Clinic Building Endowment: $1,000,000
  • MTM services, certification programs, continuing education programs
  • Training seminars, staff weekly presentation requirements, international standard of operation and competency training, certification program training
  • Local community participation during 2012 RCN Annual Health Fair, GPOF contributions, 2011 Community Stakeholders meeting
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